Best bit of CV? (2nd ver.)

Here you can talk about anything or post any image/video/request/etc. that relates to unbirthing as well as all other forms of non-oral vore (genital/anal/tail/etc.) in any way, shape, form, or anything else you would like.

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Cock vore: What's your favorite moment?

The Anticipation (before you enter)
No votes
The Entrance
The Pipe
The Scrotum
The Bladder (alt. route)
*The Recycling (turning into fluid)
*The Return Journey (back out, either whole or fluid)
*The Next Room (specify in your response)
+ All of the above
- None of the above
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Total votes : 33

Best bit of CV? (2nd ver.)

Postby Guan » Wed Dec 05, 2007 9:31 am

farmlover wrote:Theres a poll for AV and for UB, so why not let a certain part of the Male Anatomy (or Herm, if you're really picky) have a try.

This has been updated with new options as requested. Unfortunately--and this is something I just discovered that our moderators can keep in mind as well--you cannot vote again in the old poll even if you delete all the options and start anew, not to mention that the order for some bizarre reason does not line up. Hence the new topic. Sorry for the trouble.

Again I vote Next Room with preference to the male rear port, though the female ports and maw work just fine as well. :)
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Postby Rawrr » Wed Dec 05, 2007 10:45 am

Definitely the bladder... means I can enjoy a female in the same way (I've never seen *any* vore descriptions of traveling up through the female urethra... surprising as the idea is all kinds of win =) )
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Postby farmlover » Wed Dec 05, 2007 11:50 am

Hi Guan
Thanks for updating the Poll. People can vote for what they actually want now.

BTW, I voted for the Pipe. Just the thought of sliding up that warm, slimy, fleshy tube...
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Postby Charem » Wed Dec 05, 2007 2:59 pm

Ya know, I think the reason I like CV the least out of the major vore types is because it's the least possible to actually do IRL. XP Nonetheless, I like it...and also, I chose 'The Pipe'. =P I like the bulge.
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Postby Ranek » Thu Dec 06, 2007 4:08 pm

[X] The Pipe

Species: Non Anthro Meerkat (feral) (30cm, about 0.98foot)
Anthro form (193cm, about 6.3foot)

For RP:

VoreCode: VC_M_S_B_T_MI_XY_20_F++_P_B_M_MF_V++_S-_WPSBQ_RCN_Y+_SX_S-W-B-C-_L
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Postby Xerino » Sat Dec 08, 2007 1:18 pm

*pokes the poll* This is one of those where a "check the option that apply" would be good.

Personally, i do have an odd interest as far as this stuff is concerned. I'm not into yiff, but i somehow found a way to enjoy this.

I kinda go by the "logic" that those parts down there are usually kept rather hidden and protected, and that most males tend to care about them quite a bit. So if i go down there, i'm going to likely get the same protection and be kept as hidden and comfy and all as the creature's member.

So i'm pretty happy and willing to climb into a creature's sheath or slit just to hide there, possibly snuggle against their member as long as it stays mostly soft and comfy...

As far as actual cock vore goes, i prefer when it's only going in by there to a different chamber inside the predator's body made for vore purposes, or going into their balls after they have been emptied out. I don't really like the whole slimy, wet, cum-covered side of the thing.

So as far as parts i like the most...

Anticipation is kinda nice. I like it when it's more as a way to let me "explore" on the outside, in a reassuring way. I like when the predator can be kinda... "casually" turned on, or simply not affected too much. The whole "i'm horny and i have to satisfy myself" thing makes me lose interest. But just doing it to show off those parts, letting me crawl around and climb along them and such while mini-sized is something i do like. It feels like being allowed to just pet what would normally be a horrible, nasty thing. And there's that quite a few creatures are rather creative when it comes to how those parts are made.

Things like the pred's cock being prehensile, or having parts of it they can actually control is very fun in my opinion. Making it feel more like playing with an odd fleshy snake than a sexual thing.

The trip in and down are fun as well, especially when there's unusual "plumbing" to explore down there. Traveling to other areas, without necessarily getting into them is always interesting.

There's also that on the way in and out, having the predator paw off while stretched out along the inside of their member does end up a full body massage as well. Well, as long as i can get out or down in a safe spot before other fluids start coming out.

Being held somewhere inside their body is always nice too. I'm definitively not in favor of being turned into something else, i just want to have a comfy hidden spot to curl up in and nap.

The "next room" can be interesting as well, as long as it's somewhere where i'd want to be. A fun idea with this part is having another creature try to get me out of there by various means... That way the predator i'm inside of can have fun, and i get an interesting ride with another comfy spot at the end.

... the problem in my case is finding a predator that doesn't mind just playing without putting the focus on the yiffy, messy aspects of it. I can be flexible, but my interest remains in the hiding spot side of it, not the sexual one.

And whee, another quick reply that exploded into a page of text.
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Postby Danza » Sat Dec 08, 2007 7:21 pm

I selected the next room, would be quite interesting to pass it on to a female =D

*waves to xer and smiles* im right here my raptor buddy =3
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Postby Aren the Hedgehog » Sun Sep 28, 2008 1:08 pm

Charem wrote:Ya know, I think the reason I like CV the least out of the major vore types is because it's the least possible to actually do IRL. XP Nonetheless, I like it...and also, I chose 'The Pipe'. =P I like the bulge.

same, i like the bulge, i voted for the pipe as well.
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Postby Slyther » Thu Jan 15, 2009 2:26 am

I tend to like the act of cock vore in general so I picked 'All of the above', although if I had to pick one it'd be having a large mass between my legs when all is done ^.=.^
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Postby vanroth » Fri Jan 16, 2009 1:39 am

hehehe to bad this is a poll for the CV prey to answer though, for me it would be the pipe for the same reason that Charem gave, cause I like the bulges, weather I be makeing them or their being made in me.
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Postby Ka-Atis » Sat Jan 31, 2009 11:25 am

I like it when the prey is trapped and held in the sack and slowly transformed into cum.. Unwilling prey of course, which is strugling and fighting a lot inside the sack, but there is no way out ... before transformation is complete.
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